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Let’s face the facts, people. Wimps aren’t here to beat around the bush with some pandering, meandering hyperbolic mission statement that’s out to change the way you see the world, unless you like getting punched in the face until you can’t see straight.

Wimps are a Seattle three-piece that inject jaunty, neurotic punk songs with well-crafted crack-pop sensibilities. The sardonic wits of guitarist Rachel Ratner (Butts) and bassist Matt Nyce (Meth Teeth) lyrically twist otherwise common day-to-day woes into shout-sung call-and-response stabs that champion boredom, laziness, social anxieties, and hangovers, with their wiry riffs and subterranean bass lines propelled by the punchy, measured rhythms of drummer Dave Ramm (The Intelligence).

Repeat is Wimps’ first full-length record, following a self-released five-song demo in early 2012. The track list itself reads as a ne’er-do-well punk manifesto: “Stop Having Fun,” “Quit Your Job,” “Hello Frustration,” and others channel the mundane intricacies of their own frustrated existence. Yet coming from a group self-aware enough to name themselves Wimps, these outward neuroses are tempered with a deadpan sincerity that negates any perceived affront. Revel in your social anxiety and rest assured: there is strength in being a Wimp.

 “Wimps are raw power with nothing in the way. It’s punk rock the way it use to be; short, sharp and loud.”

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