Wimps - "Couches EP" out now

Couches EP out now!!

Wimps - "Repeat" at End of Time Records. (Pitchfork reviewSeattle Weekly Review)   

About Wimps
 “Wimps are raw power with nothing in the way. It’s punk rock the way it use to be; short, sharp and loud.” - The Finest Kiss

contact: wimpsmail@gmail.com | facebook.com/thesewimps

upcoming shows
6/6: KEXP Community Partnership @ Sunset
6/26: Portland w/ Eyelids
6/27: Barboza w/ Eyelids
7/16 - w/ SPITS, GAZEBOS at CHOP SUEY ***|
8/8: Pizza fest
08/09 - PDX - SMMR BMMR
08/10 - 08/19ish - West Coast with Pony Time
08/27 @ SAM

(previous shows)

Press Photos:

Hollow Earth Radio's Magma Fest at the Black Lodge with Wimps